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Dungeon Digest #002 (14 Jun 2015)

Mon 15 Jun 2015, 12:16 am by Carbon

Dungeon Notice - Online Pen & Paper Roleplaying 00210

How to check the balance of your D20 (YouTube)

We’ve all had that lucky (or unlucky) d20 that’s made us question our beliefs in fate, karma, or a higher power - ten natural twenties in a night just shouldn’t happen, let alone happen regularly. Whether you think your dice is the chosen one or your weekly sacrifices to the dice gods have been working, you might want to check your die’s balance before you go off offering your dachshund’s newborn puppies before next week’s big battle with the main villain. *Cough*. 

This test should work with any die, though the rounder and more spherical the die the more prominent the bias. Besides, twenty-sided dice are the only ones that really matter anyway, at least as far as D&D is concerned.

5e Player’s Handbook Errata released

After several months in the open, 5th Edition D&D has finally received its first rules errata. Discussion on the rules clarifications and corrections can be found here.

In most cases, a delightful consequence of errata being released is the resulting price drop in existing printed material. Hardcover Player’s Handbook is on sale on Amazon for $24 (free shipping and handling w/ Prime). In fact, it looks like all three of the core books are on sale at the time of this writing. (June 14, 2015)

Way of the Four Elements: Remastered (PDF) by SpiketailDrake

The elemental monk subclass in 5e D&D has been somewhat lackluster for being one of the more cooler and flavorful options available to players, and many haven’t failed to point that fact out. I’m sure that they’ll take the feedback and eventually revise the subclass to be more competitive with the rest of the class options in the book, though who knows how long that’ll take. So some folks over at the Giant In The Playground forums got around to crowd-sourcing their own fix for the unfortunate monks that just wanted to be the next avatar. 

SpiketailDrake’s version is by far the best, in terms of flavor and scaling as well as being in a neat and appealing PDF, though feel free to check out the rest of the ideas an compilations in the forum post linked above.

The Tomb of Horrors is free online (PDF)

Just a friendly reminder that you can download the original Tomb of Horrors module by Gary Gygax online. 

If you haven’t run this module, you’re missing out, and this goes for both players and Dungeon Masters alike. It might take a bit of prior reading and tweaking to fit your current system but the ideas in this classic dungeon have stood the test of time, and as a shining example of what total-party-kill incarnate looks like. Though arguably not the best written or balanced(heh), the demi-lich’s Acererak’s tomb is perhaps the most iconic and, at least for me, one of the most fun D&D modules out there for its sheer genius and state of being outright unfair. It is the undisputed king of the …

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Dungeon Digest #001 (6 Jun 2015)

Sat 06 Jun 2015, 3:24 am by Carbon

Dungeon Digest Launches

The first installment of Dungeon Digest is out!

The Dungeon Notice-written Dungeon Digest is an almost regular series of compilations that feature RPG-related news and content from the forums as well as other various places on the internet. Feature articles, advice, contests, and the like are just some of the content that one can expect in the digest. How often I can put them out is still up in the air, though a post weekly or biweekly isn't too far from realistic. 

If you have any suggestions or submissions, send me a private message or email dungeonnotice@gmail.com.

Dungeon Notice - Online Pen & Paper Roleplaying Dungeo11

101 Low Level Magic Items (PDF) by TheLe99

Although the stats on most of these items aren't all that balanced, the ideas behind them are actually quite good and entertaining. The descriptions are specific and evocative, and it can be a good source of inspiration provided you're familiar with tweaking effects and rarity. Among my personal favorites are the Pants of Doom! and the Duck of Ultimate Doom.

48 Tabletop RPGs to Try 

While D&D remains a personal favorite for a number of reasons, I cannot deny the plethora of fantastic and creative RPGs out there. FATE has always been my go-to generic system while Powered by the Apocalypse is perhaps one of the most innovative rulesets I've seen to date. If you still haven't found one that really captures the kind of game you want to play, then maybe you can try a few of these.

Featured: Maps and Illustration by Mike Schley

If you enjoy the map art in the newer D&D core books and published adventures (4e & up), then you'll find a measure of wonderment in Mike Schley's vibrant and colourful works. Dark lines and a beautifully-chosen colour palette paired with exotic perspectives make every inch appealing to explore. His art appears in numerous releases of the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons as well as other games.

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Forum Updates (28 Apr 2015)

Tue 28 Apr 2015, 11:51 am by Dungeon Notice

* Tagging and Hashtags[Link to post]
Implementation of mentions and hashtags. It's like twitter up in 'ere!

* New Forum! Warhammer 40k[Link to forum]
For all Warhammer 40,000 and related discussion.

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Season's Greetings

Wed 25 Dec 2013, 7:54 pm by Dungeon Notice

Merry Christmas or whatever the heck kind of holiday you celebrate! (Beholder Tyrant does not care.)
Dungeon Notice - Online Pen & Paper Roleplaying Holiday-wallpaper-beholder_holiday_wallpaper_1600x1200

Dungeon Notice

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Adventure Teaser: Mercy

Fri 20 Dec 2013, 5:57 pm by nodexix

The lamp flickered to life, barely any oil left, and dimly illuminated the cabin room.

"The moon's barely out still?"

"Aye. Seems like the snow clouds aren't meaning to go away anytime soon."


"Can't sleep as well, can you?"

"Not after hearing what I heard and seeing what I seen tonight. And we've the same thinking by my guess."



"Best we get some sleep. We have work in the morning, and now that you know what you know I'm sure you'd agree with me when I say it wouldn't be wise to be late."

"I'm not for wanting that, don't you doubt."

"Don't worry.... We'll get through this alive."

"I can't help but think there are far worse fates than death."

"Aye, neither can I. But I try not to think about it."

“Well, I try not to think about how foolish I was coming here.”

“Nonsense. You couldn’t have known. None of us could.”
“I wish you were right.”

“Besides, you had nothing but good intentions coming here. All of us did. But men become animals when cornered.”

“True enough, but what I saw back there were not animals… those were monsters.”


“And I fear that I’m becoming one myself. These hands flow with blood no longer their own. They flow with the blood of sin.”

“If you do become a monster, you shall not be alone.”

“That is my only solace.”

"May the gods have mercy on our souls."

"I dread that their mercy will not be enough."

The oil ran out then and drowned the room in utter darkness.

Chapter 1: Winter Wonderland
[Link to game thread]

[ Full reading ]

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Forum Updates (19 Nov 2013)

Tue 19 Nov 2013, 2:44 pm by nodexix

* Forum under construction[Link to post]
Lists changes made to forum visual style, features, structure, and management/staff.

* Forum dice rolls return[Link to post]
After disappearing without notice to fans and haters alike, the infamous forum dice rolls make a triumphant return.

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Sun 06 Jan 2013, 3:12 am by nodexix

This blog is pointless. Happy 2013! ~nodexix

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Highlight: Jonathan Coulton

Sun 02 Dec 2012, 1:49 am by nodexix

If you've played a game called Portal and stuck around long enough to see the credits, you'd recognize a song he wrote called Still Alive. Jonathan and his songs have been making rounds in the internet garnering acclaim for a fairly long time now. His songs about geek culture are clever and fun, and it takes a certain finesse to write songs about redshirts, programming, zombies, robots and mad scientists, and create them at the caliber he does.

So, you could imagine my surprise when a disappointingly large number of my geeky peers(those that would absolutely love his songs) gave me confused looks whenever I talked about Jonathan's songs or mentioned his name.

Despite having an already large following and circles where Coulton, Still Alive, Code Monkey and Re: Your Brains have become household names, he remains undiscovered for a large portion of his target demographic, particularly in non-native English-speaking countries where only the most mainstream flows.

Go look him up. Seriously.

His twitter: https://twitter.com/jonathancoulton
His website: http://www.jonathancoulton.com/
Fans have made countless videos to his songs on Youtube so you won't have any trouble looking for them.

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