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Highlight: Jonathan Coulton Empty Highlight: Jonathan Coulton

If you've played a game called Portal and stuck around long enough to see the credits, you'd recognize a song he wrote called Still Alive. Jonathan and his songs have been making rounds in the internet garnering acclaim for a fairly long time now. His songs about geek culture are clever and fun, and it takes a certain finesse to write songs about redshirts, programming, zombies, robots and mad scientists, and create them at the caliber he does.

So, you could imagine my surprise when a disappointingly large number of my geeky peers(those that would absolutely love his songs) gave me confused looks whenever I talked about Jonathan's songs or mentioned his name.

Despite having an already large following and circles where Coulton, Still Alive, Code Monkey and Re: Your Brains have become household names, he remains undiscovered for a large portion of his target demographic, particularly in non-native English-speaking countries where only the most mainstream flows.

Go look him up. Seriously.

His twitter: https://twitter.com/jonathancoulton
His website: http://www.jonathancoulton.com/
Fans have made countless videos to his songs on Youtube so you won't have any trouble looking for them.

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Post on Wed 05 Dec 2012, 3:04 pm  radranger

I have his album from the Humble Music Bundle. The price I paid was enough for just the one album, imo.

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