Dungeon Digest #001 (6 Jun 2015)

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Dungeon Digest #001 (6 Jun 2015) Empty Dungeon Digest #001 (6 Jun 2015)

Dungeon Digest Launches

The first installment of Dungeon Digest is out!

The Dungeon Notice-written Dungeon Digest is an almost regular series of compilations that feature RPG-related news and content from the forums as well as other various places on the internet. Feature articles, advice, contests, and the like are just some of the content that one can expect in the digest. How often I can put them out is still up in the air, though a post weekly or biweekly isn't too far from realistic. 

If you have any suggestions or submissions, send me a private message or email dungeonnotice@gmail.com.

Dungeon Digest #001 (6 Jun 2015) Dungeo11

101 Low Level Magic Items (PDF) by TheLe99

Although the stats on most of these items aren't all that balanced, the ideas behind them are actually quite good and entertaining. The descriptions are specific and evocative, and it can be a good source of inspiration provided you're familiar with tweaking effects and rarity. Among my personal favorites are the Pants of Doom! and the Duck of Ultimate Doom.

48 Tabletop RPGs to Try 

While D&D remains a personal favorite for a number of reasons, I cannot deny the plethora of fantastic and creative RPGs out there. FATE has always been my go-to generic system while Powered by the Apocalypse is perhaps one of the most innovative rulesets I've seen to date. If you still haven't found one that really captures the kind of game you want to play, then maybe you can try a few of these.

Featured: Maps and Illustration by Mike Schley

If you enjoy the map art in the newer D&D core books and published adventures (4e & up), then you'll find a measure of wonderment in Mike Schley's vibrant and colourful works. Dark lines and a beautifully-chosen colour palette paired with exotic perspectives make every inch appealing to explore. His art appears in numerous releases of the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons as well as other games.

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