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  • 20150615
    Roll Initiative! 00210

    How to check the balance of your D20 (YouTube)

    We’ve all had that lucky (or unlucky) d20 that’s made us question our beliefs in fate, karma, or a higher power - ten natural twenties in a night just shouldn’t happen, let alone happen regularly. Whether you think your dice is the chosen one or your weekly sacrifices to the dice gods have been working, you might want to check your die’s balance before you go off offering...

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  • 20150606
    Dungeon Digest Launches

    The first installment of Dungeon Digest is out!

    The Dungeon Notice-written Dungeon Digest is an almost regular series of compilations that feature RPG-related news and content from the forums as well as other various places on the internet. Feature articles, advice, contests, and the like are just some of the content that one can expect in the digest. How often I can put them out is still up in the air, though a post weekly or biweekly...

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  • 20150428
    * Tagging and Hashtags[Link to post]
    Implementation of mentions and hashtags. It's like twitter up in 'ere!

    * New Forum! Warhammer 40k[Link to forum]
    For all Warhammer 40,000 and related discussion.

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  • 20131225
    Merry Christmas or whatever the heck kind of holiday you celebrate! (Beholder Tyrant does not care.)
    Roll Initiative! Holiday-wallpaper-beholder_holiday_wallpaper_1600x1200

    Dungeon Notice

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  • 20131220
    The lamp flickered to life, barely any oil left, and dimly illuminated the cabin room.

    "The moon's barely out still?"

    "Aye. Seems like the snow clouds aren't meaning to go away anytime soon."


    "Can't sleep as well, can you?"

    "Not after hearing what I heard and seeing what I seen tonight. And we've the...

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  • 20131119
    * Forum under construction[Link to post]
    Lists changes made to forum visual style, features, structure, and management/staff.

    * Forum dice rolls return[Link to post]
    After disappearing without notice to fans and haters alike, the infamous forum dice rolls make a triumphant return.

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  • 20130106
    This blog is pointless. Happy 2013! ~nodexix

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  • 20121202
    If you've played a game called Portal and stuck around long enough to see the credits, you'd recognize a song he wrote called Still Alive. Jonathan and his songs have been making rounds in the internet garnering acclaim for a fairly long time now. His songs about geek culture are clever and fun, and it takes a certain finesse to write songs about redshirts, programming, zombies, robots and mad scientists, and create them at the caliber he does.

    So, you could imagine my surprise when a disappointingly large number of my geeky peers(those that would absolutely...

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  • 20121120
    Copied from Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

    Fudge is a rules-light role-playing game engine providing a common set of game mechanics that can be used to create any role-playing game you desire. Fudge uses a simple word-based system for handling action and combat resolution, which makes the game fast-paced and easy to play.

    For example, a character might be a Great Swordsman rather than a 14th level fighter. Combined with simple action resolution, Fudge's descriptive nature makes ideal it for novice players. Fudge...

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  • 20121105
    * Forum Wipe - [Link to post]

    * Visual Styles, Staffing, URL change - [Link to post]

    * User profiles, member posts - [Link to post]

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  • 20120804

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  • 20120320
    My initial thoughts on how adventures work aren't far from the mark. There's the premise, a lil' bit of exposition, then comes the tender meatiness that are encounters - after which, there's nothing else short of closure and conclusion. Writing one was surely going to be a slice of pie.

    During my tribulations of trying to scrawl what tangible structure and order I could arrange, however, I recognized the difference between writing an adventure and writing a good one. What comprises an amazing adventure does not hinge on the ingenuity of the premise alone nor the stimulating prospects...

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  • 20120224

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  • 20120223

    Hey guys!

    After a bit of site surfing, I realized that quite a handful of websites and forums have blogs plastered on their homepages, oftentimes featured prominently. I never really gave much thought to the fact until recently.

    That being said, I've decided to start a blog for the forums which will be framed on the Portal (which is also the homepage) replacing the NEWS section.

    It may seem unusual but I believe news - despite being the more important of the two - could be accessed quite easily in and about the...

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